MSSU Educational Talent Search Program participants pick colleges


JOPLIN, Mo. — It takes hard work and discipline for high school athletes to take their skills to the next level.

The same principal goes for standout students.

Monday, they were the ones signing on the dotted line.

When you see a high school senior signing on the dotted line, it’s usually because of what they did on the playing field.

But in this case, it’s because of what they accomplished, and in some cases overcame while in junior high and high school.

These are students who were part of the Educational Talent Search Program on the campus of MSSU.

Jim Kimbrough, Talent Search Program Director, said, “Educational Talent Search is a Federal Grant program, our purpose is to help students prepare in high school by promoting and encouraging a rigorous curriculum in high school because we known the more, the tougher the classes they take in high school, the better chance they’ll have of succeeding in college.”

At least 66% of the students in this program must be low income and potentially be the first in their family to graduate from college.

Just because the program is located on the Southern campus, that doesn’t mean they have to come here for college.

Faran Haase was Student Council President at Joplin High School this past year, and is headed to Missouri State.

Faron Haase, Talent Search Program Graduate, said, “Ya, I’ve got about a semester done for college just through the Talent Search and Dual Credit program at the high school.”

Haase is a good example of the type of highly motivated student the program is designed for.

“And having these 7 years to prepare for college is a lot more than a lot of people have the opportunity to, so I just feel more prepared going in uh they’ve offered tours uh trips to go visit colleges, that’s actually how I was introduced to MIssouri State through one of the trips.”

Students from Joplin, Carthage, Webb City, Carl Junction, Sarcoxie and Riverton High Schools are eligible to enter the talent search program at MSSU.

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