MSSU Dental Hygiene students spend a day helping local children


JOPLIN, Mo. — You usually have to go to a dentist’s office in order to see the dentist.

But that’s not where students from an area school went to see one.

Instead of going to a dental office to see the dentist, students from a Southwest Missouri elementary school came to the campus of MSSU, to a classroom in the dental hygiene department.

It was a field trip that benefited both the elementary school kids as well as the dental hygiene students.

Who had the chance to learn how to apply a protective layer on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to real patients.

Jordan Edwards, MSSU Dental Hygiene Student, said, “The experience is awesome just seeing how everything goes, and it’s a rush.”

The event was sponsored by a company that Karla Alumbaugh works for.

Karla Alumbaugh, Premier Auto Sales & Service, said, “I myself went through Dental Hygiene here at MSSU and have been a dental hygienist since 1995 so good oral hygiene and dental care is near and dear to my heart and dental sealants is a huge part of the preventative dentistry for our youth and we’re happy to help and give back in this way.”

There are 66 students from Jasper Elementary School, not only are they receiving a free dental check up today, they were also receiving free sealants, and for some, it might be the first time they’ve ever seen a dentist.

Dr. Lewis Drackert, D.D.S., Volunteer Dentist, said, “The dental hygiene students are doing a great job making sure the kids feel comfortable and they all seem to be having a great time, everybody’s doing fine.”

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