MSSU could soon offer a new degree


A local campus is expanding its degree offerings, with a focus on the business of health. Missouri Southern State University will soon offer a degree in healthcare administration.

“Launch of a new degree in healthcare administration and an exciting new center, the Gipson Center for Healthcare Leadership,” says Dr. Richard Schooler, MSSU Health Sciences.

It’s an expansion within the Leon Health Sciences Building, merging courses in health with business management and communications. University leaders call it a hybrid necessary for the way the health industry now operates.

“Have to be organizations that are high performing business organizations. They have to have leadership that can effectively integrate and align high quality compassionate care with business performance. And that’s not easy to do,” says Dr. Richard Schooler.

The new degree will officially kick off in the fall of 2019, giving the campus time to remodel class space specifically for the program. The project is getting big financial support. A one million dollar donation from Southern graduates Bill and Tracy Gipson will help to create a center for Healthcare Leadership within the Health Sciences building.

“A center dedicated to improving the healthcare industry on the local and national level. there’s no other, no program like it in the region and their generosity will undoubtedly change many, many lives,” says Dr. Alan Marble, MSSU President.

With nearly a year to go, school leaders say they’ve already been talking to students interested in transferring to MSSU for the degree. The center will also host research projects along with internships with Joplin area healthcare organizations. If all goes as planned, this could also lead to a master’s program in healthcare administration in a few years.

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