MSSU career expo recruits next generation of healthcare professionals


Miller High School senior Parker Myhra plans on going to nursing school. But, he doesn’t yet know what aspect of that profession he wants to specialize in. So, he and many of his fellow students came to the campus of MSSU as part of the health care career fair.

“They give you a lot of examples, hands-on experiences and they give you packets of their colleges and lots of stuff, so it’s very helpful,” Myhra explained.

This second annual event brought in over 800 high schools students from all over Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas. Monett High School senior Daniela Sales is not sure which aspect of the health care industry that she wants to go into.

“It gives us a more more opportunities, more things we didn’t realize we had to go for, so it gives us more options,” said Sales.

Nearly 50 booths featured demonstrations in the fields of dental hygiene, radiology, nursing, emergency medical services and respiratory therapy.

“The event focused on 9th through 12th graders with lots of hands-on demonstrations exposing students to different healthcare careers but also, the education paths for that,” explained Mercy Medical Education Manager Katie Harden.

But, students aren’t the only ones to benefit from the event — so do schools, like Missouri Southern and Crowder that some of these students will be attending after graduation.

“Our youth are the future of our healthcare professions so it’s important that we we as a health system invest in our youth and expose them to their potential,” Harden added. “And that’s what we get excited about — we get excited about the opportunity to expose them as they are potential recruits for us.”

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