MSSU Academic Affairs Department helping students get off on the right foot


JOPLIN, Mo. — MSSU is making sure students get their semester off to a pleasant start.

Volunteers as well as employees in the Academic Affairs Department at MSSU have been outside on campus for the first two days of the new semester.

They’ve set up a kiosk on the MSSU oval as well as other locations across campus.

The idea for the program came from Brenda Beasley back in 2018 and she says they’ve been doing it the first few days of each semester ever since.

Brenda Beasley, MSSU Academic Affairs, said, “I picked up a student from Minnesota and it was his first day on campus and he had no idea where to go and he was very, very, appreciative of I gave him a ride and showed him when he left how to go, where his next class would be.”

In additions to providing students with directions, and some with rides in a golf cart, Beasley says group members have also given out coffee and hot chocolate Monday and Tuesday mornings.

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