Mounted shooting specialist visits Mount Vernon


MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — A professional shooter, trainer, and clinician hosted a clinic Friday in Mount Vernon. A clinic, specializing in the sport of mounted shooting.

Matthew Jobe travels around the united states teaching the sport of mounted shooting.

Matthew Jobe, Clinician Trainer, “Fixing horses is what I love to do and fixing the rider. Sometimes the horse is great sometimes the rider needs a little fixing, and so whether these folks want to compete or not their building a better horse today and building a safer horse today.”

Jobe worked with riders about the safest way to get their horse comfortable with the sport.

“We spend the morning part of the session desensitizing our horses getting them in a willing frame of mind, getting them prepared this afternoon and fixing any little things that folks don’t like about their horse.”

The clinic can help anyone if they want to hunt, carry a firearm or even compete nationally.

“I can’t count how many hundreds of people come through our program and been very successful just like week we were in Illinois one year young lady shot off her horse the first time handled a gun for her first time in her life so the way we introduce it works very well.”

People from 3 hours away attended the clinic – like Kari Lewis from Farmington, Missouri.

Kari Lewis, Rider, “Desensitizing part moving off her shoulder improved with today cause I was kinda blind to it so it was brought to my attention I guess.”

Kari and her horse Annie made a lot of progress together and learned new techniques.

“It’s really important when you’re introducing your horse to something that your release is what you’re saying good. So if you’re not releasing you’re telling them keep going keep going keep going until you get it right.”

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