Mount Vernon High School adjusting to new schedule


MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — One Southwest Missouri school district is still getting used to its four day a week class schedule. There are no students walking the halls at Mount Vernon High School on Wednesdays.

Scott Cook – Mt Vernon Superintendent, said, “It really was a multi-layered decision to go to a this fixed blended pattern of instruction four day week that we have. It does have a lot to do with Covid, and that you never have students in person attending more than two days in a row.”

The hallways may be empty, but class is still in session.

“Providing that Wednesday distance learning day has really taken some of the stress off our teachers, giving them the opportunities to get caught up on just all of the different things that they have to do because of Covid and the impacts we have there.”

Kami Eddington – Mount Vernon High School Math Teacher, said, “It’s greatly beneficial to me and the students. So, we can spend our one virtual day preparing new lessons, um, getting kids caught up, um, answering any questions because the kids know what to expect.”

It can encourage even the shyest student to reach out for extra help.

“The kids figure out their most comfortable way to approach the teachers, whether it be a Google meet. an email, um, you know they figure out our personalities, we figure out there’s and this has helped them get comfortable talking to us in multiple communication styles.”

Kami Eddington says this isn’t something she and other teachers take for granted.

“We appreciate our administration helping us and looking out for the best of us, and our students, and they’ve been great.”

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