Motorist share the road for 4th of July; more drunk driving crashes this month alone


If you plan to hit the road for the 4th of July, you won’t be alone.

Not only will there be many other motorists to share the road with, there will also be area officers, deputies and troopers out on patrol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more people die in drunk driving crashes in July than any other month.

“While people are out enjoying those outdoor activities that some will choose to celebrate will alcohol, certainly no judgment from our standpoint on if that’s the choice you make, but we would like to remind people that it’s, it’s critically imperative to always have a sober driver whether it’s behind the the wheel of your car or behind the wheel of your boat.”

SGT. John Lueckenhoff, Missouri Highway Patrol PIO

The National Highway Organization also says that 40 percent of all traffic deaths were alcohol related during the 4th of July week in 2017.

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