More than 100 peaceful protesters gather in downtown Pittsburg


PITTSBURG, Ks. — More than 100 peaceful protesters gather in downtown Pittsburg standing in solidarity over the death of George Floyd.

KSN’s Lauren Johnson was at that protest and shows us why organizers say they hope these protests get those tough conversations about racial inequality started.

D’Andre Phillips, President, Black Student Association, said, “The goal, the mission, the reason why we’re here is to remember the Black Lives Matter movement and to further our agenda, which is equality and to end police brutality.”

Protesters fill the streets of Pittsburg.

The protest, led by the Pittsburg State Black Student Association, calls for change to the social justice system following the death of George Floyd.

Local law enforcement spoke at the rally as well, promising the community they are listening and they are here to protect.

Stu Hite, Chief, Pittsburg State University Police, said, “We’re not defending the actions that took place in Minnesota at all. But it’s important that the community still understands what we’re here to do and that we have a job to do and we want them to know that they can trust us because we are public servants.”

Organizers hope this rally helps to start those conversations about race and inequality.

As they know the real change happens after the protest.

“The work really happens afterwards. This is only really your chance to listen to us, after you get done listening to us, take our ideas, concerns, opinions and actually put it into work,” said Phillips.

The protest started in immigrant park and ended in front of the Pittsburg Police Department with protesters saying a prayer.

The Black Student Association also registered attendees to vote as well.

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