More grant funding to be distributed in Carthage


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A new round of grants is boosting projects throughout the Maple Leaf City.

Jeff Jones, Innovative Industries, said, “We employ mentally disabled and physically disabled adults.”

And now Innovative Industries is getting a financial boost to help those workers.

“I see some of our employees struggling not only with diet but exercise and the ramifications of what that does to them.”

A $1,700 grant will pay for exercise equipment and nutritional counseling. It’s just one project benefitting from funding from the Carthage Community Foundation. More than a dozen agencies are on the list, with more than $34,000 in funding.

Jeff Williams, CCF, said, “For this particular round, the maximum contribution we made was $2,500.”

Groups range from the Carthage Crisis Center and Community Clinic to the United Way and the Boy Scouts. The projects address hunger, safety, the unemployed, and caused by coronavirus.

“This year we are allowing because donations are down with a lot of agencies due to covid and we are allowing operating related funding. Certainly something we changed and certainly something we saw throughout the process. A lot of our local agencies need extra help this year because of that.”

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