Month of October encourages residents to check in on their pets’ health


The month of October is National Pet Wellness Month.

As a result, animal lovers are encouraged to make a trip to their four-legged healthcare provider if they haven’t done so in a while.

Veterinarians say even animals that don’t ever leave their homes or backyards, should get checked out at least once a year.

Dr. Kent Arnold says it’s also a good time to make sure they get their vaccinations. And if you think the eventual change in seasons means fleas go away for the winter, he says that’s not the case.

“Certainly not inside your house, they survive over winter in your house just fine, so even even after we get some really chilly weather, fleas will still live in the house perfectly fine and I really encourage people to use flea and tick medicine all year round,” Arnold explained.

There are over-the-counter products for that problem, but he says they don’t work near as well as prescription medication.

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