Monett starts construction on new middle school to accommodate large growth in student population


MONETT, Mo. — Middle school students in Monett will soon have a new place to call home. They’re building this because of student growth.

The district currently has 195 kindergarten students. Normally the number of kindergarten students in Monett is between 140 and 160. With the current rise in students, school officials are planning for the future.

“It brings excitement to Monett that we’re going to get some new space to learn in. Exciting for the kids, exciting for the teachers, the administrators, the patrons of the school district just to see Monett continue to grow,” said Dr. Mark Drake – Monett Schools Superintendent.

The new school will have many new learning opportunities, including learning spaces outside of the classroom, up to date technology, more space for P.E. — and a weight room.

“I think opportunity is what gives students a connection to the school and really helps home what their future is as they move through middle school, into high school and through graduation,” said Jay Apostal – Monett Middle School Principal.

It’s also in a prime location next to the Scott Regional Technology Center.

“It gives us some opportunity to do some partnerships with our area career center, and it also gives us an opportunity of just rethinking some ways that we can teach classes and provided services for students,” said Apostal.

And district officials will benefit by moving into the current middle school.

“The upgrade of central office is going to be able to allow us to bring all our directors into one spot, special education services, it’s going to provide space, more space for board meeting,” said Dr. Drake.

In ten years — the new middle school will transition into a new high school for the district. The building is expected to be completed by February of 2023. Students, on the other-hand, will begin their education there at the start the 2023-2024 school year.

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