Monett Schools looking to add new building


MONETT, Mo. — The Monett School District has plans to add a new building to the R-1.

Michael Calhoun, Dean of Students, said, “We are limited because of the age of the building with some of the things we can do.”

The city of Monett worked with architects and the community to evaluate several buildings in the Monett School District.

Jonathan Apostol, Middle School Principal, said, “It’s been part of a long range plan for the district and in order to, in order to elevate some of the space and space concerns that we have in each of our buildings. We are building a new middle school building on the Monett High School campus beside our Regional Technology Center, eventually 12 years down the road it’ll be a high school.”

The building the district is currently using only holds 7th and 8th grades, but the plan is for the new one to include 6th grade students.

“It’s going to be a adjustment cause now you’re gonna have that 6th grade and the 7th and 8th grade and a lot of times like presently there’s 7th grade, a lot of times kids are kind of nervous that come over by the big kids and everything but I think now it’s going to be a exciting thing. Especially moving in the new building new area,” said Calhoun.

The new facility will provide new classrooms, a FEMA shelter, gym, library, and study rooms.

“It’s a lot harder to do co curricular things and it’s the safety issue to cause you have to walk outside all the time whereas now we’re going into a new campus we’re all in one building we have the ability to meet together a lot more consistently.”

The Monett School Board worked with L.J. Hart and company to be able to fund the project.

Dr. Kent Medlin, Superintendent, said, “The school board of education went to the community on a bond election to ask if they would support $21 million effort to build this new middle school and the community was very supportive.”

The school district hopes to break ground for the new building as early as June.

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