Monett residents to renovate historical building


MONETT, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news…

Two Monett residents are breathing life into an old building.

“We want to get it on the historical registry. We want to generate possibly new buzz downtown with work being done,” said Thad Hood, Co Partner Of BH Broadway Properties.

Thad Hood and Bob Berger purchased this building from Monett Main Street last week. It was built in the late 1800s and was originally the home of First National Bank.

They plan on fixing the roof and removing the stucco that was put over the top of its original Carthage stone.

“With the stucco on the building, the national historic registry will not recognize the building, so that is one of the reasons for taking it off. Is to return it back to the natural state so we can get it on the historic registry,” said Hood.

They anticipate the new roof and stucco removal to cost around 170 thousand dollars.

“Downtown has struggled in the past and we are doing our best to draw folks down here. To create more business traffic for the businesses that are down here and acquire new businesses for downtown,” said Hood.

They hope to complete those upgrades by the end of the year. The building might be turned into apartments or a restaurant.

The Monett Chamber of Commerce hopes the new renovations will bring more people to the area.

“Historic old buildings are important to the city because its part of the city. It was part of the history of the city its the past. And this one is fortunately on the high side of downtown so it doesn’t flood which makes it a viable candidate for a lot of future development opportunities,” said Jeff Meredith, Executive Director Of Monett Chamber Of Commerce.

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