Monett moves forward with plan to buyout flood prone areas


A Southwest Missouri town is moving forward with a plan to buyout flood prone areas.

Monett city administrator Dennis Pyle says the Federal Emergency Management Administration has awarded the city $420 thousand dollars to use towards a buyout along Kelley Creek. The grant would cover 75 percent of the cost of purchasing a trailer park and two commercial properties, along with demolition of those and a city property.

Pyle says the city would be responsible for about $140 thousand dollars of the project, but that cost would be covered by a community development block grant. He says at this point, the city is moving forward with having an appraiser review each of the properties to determine their value.

“And then negotiate with the property owners based on the appraisals, and the property owners can still not agree at that point. It is not a requirement that they participate,” says Dennis Pyle.

Pyle says if any residents living in the buyout area need help relocating, there are funds available for that.

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