Monett Metals Inc. casts mining pigs for Old Mining Town Days


A mining mold used more than 100 years ago is once again being put to work.

Monett Metals is creating castings, all for a good cause. And just in time for Granby’s Old Mining Town Days. The president of the Miner’s Museum wants to bring awareness to the history of the area in a unique way.

“What a unique opportunity to bring history back to life,” says Steve Burnett.

“We were worried it would fracture the first pour,” says Mike Renfrow.

A mining mold used more than a century ago- being recommissioned one more time.

“This is a historic pouring using some molds from the original smelter, and these molds were used over one hundred years ago,” says Steve Burnett.

After the Civil War, Granby was home to the largest smelting operation in the United States having produced more than 30 million pounds of lead. Now, a small town with only one artifact left to remember the operation.

“There were probably hundreds of them originally when the smelter was going. This is the only one left,” says Steve Burnett.

“The logo, the Granby name is a little rough, but adds to the mystique of  the casting,” says Mike Renfrow.

Monett Metals, Incorporated is donating its resources and time to create the mining pigs that will eventually be raffled and auctioned off at Old Mining Town Days in Granby. A small gesture to keep a big part of the area’s history alive.

“Unfortunately, in our highly connected tech world we live in a lot of history is lost,” says Renfrow.

“Mining is all over the area it’s not just Granby it’s Joplin, Webb City, Carthage, all over the area, so we are very proud of our history and this is just something to bring attention to it,” says Steve Burnett.

The newly casted mining pigs will be auctioned and raffled off on June 30th at 5 pm in the Granby Miner’s Museum during Old Mining Town Days.

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