Monett High School has more than 1,000 yearbooks in storage dating back to 1969.

The school buys a certain amount each year and when they’re not all sold, the rest go into storage. But, it’s now time to make some space.

The yearbook staff is selling them to earn money for the club.

As students flip through the memories in the books, they can see how far technology has come.

“They would have to mail everything in and then the yearbook company would have it produced from what was mailed in,” explained advisor Marlena Driscoll. “So now, it’s changed in that everything’s computerized. All of the students are able to work on their computers via the Internet, so as long as they have the web somewhere, then they are able to work on their yearbook pages.”

Yearbooks from 1969 to 2018 are $20, and those from last year are $60.

If you’d like to purchase one, you can send an email to .