Monday marks 13th anniversary of Picher tornado


PICHER, Ok. — Another Four State community knows all about tornados in the month of May.

It was 13-years ago Monday when an EF-4 hit Picher, Oklahoma. It all but put an end to the community, since much of it was already part of an EPA buyout.

Gloria Garner Workman, her husband, and dog rode out the storm in their bathtub. She says her husband laid on top of them, and paid a high price for being a human shield.

Gloria Garner Workman, Picher Tornado Survivor, said, “He carried the implant of a cinder block on his back and we dug pieces of gravel would work their way to the surface and pit out, but he’d look like he’d been through a meat shredder.”

Her husband has since passed. Her next door neighbor, who had left her house to check on a family member, did not survive the storm. Even after the tornado had moved on, workman says they were hit with almost baseball-sized hail.

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