As students across the nation held rallies calling for common sense gun laws, one group rallied at the Kansas capitol calling on lawmakers to act.

More than a hundred people gathered on these steps saying now is the time to act.

Holding signs reading “No More” and “And Never Again” The group “Moms Demand Action” cheered on high school students marching to the Capitol. Those student’s calling for more gun safety.

“I’m choked up, I’m so touched by the involvement of people that we haven’t had before,” says Gloria Roach.

Gloria Roach traveled from Baldwin City Kansas expressing her frustration over stalled legislation. 

“And our legislation has voted unanimously on bills and then they don’t any further, enough is enough,” says Gloria Roach.

Last month, Representatives passed House Bill 2145, which makes it a crime for people convicted of domestic violence to own a gun.

“I voted in favor of that bill, so I don’t know why it’s just sitting in the Senate, but I hope it’ll get out soon,” says State Rep. Brenda Dietrich.

In a Senate Committee earlier this month, members added two amendments one making it legal to have a throwing star if it wasn’t meant to hurt another person. Another amendment makes it legal for Kansans to owner a silencer made in the state, despite the amendments.

“We expect common sense gun legislation to pass here in Kansas,” says Jo Ella Hoye.

“We don’t just have to sit around and do nothing, we can get out there and make our voices heard to make a change in this country to end gun violence,” says Jo Ella Hoye.

Moms Demand Action say they want the bill passed and sent to the Governor’s desk soon. 

The Senate plans to debate the bill tomorrow afternoon.