Mom who lost son in 2011 tornado wins new car


Mother’s Day is here a little early for a Carl Junction mom.

She is the winner of a brand new car. She has a one of a kind story, something that stood out amid the more than 5,000 nominations that came in.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was just amazed.” Tammy Niederhelman knew she was a finalist for a new car, something she desperately needed. “I’ve been having a lot of transmission issues and things with my van and I had really been praying the last couple of months.”
But she wasn’t convinced she could win. Niederhelman said, “I asked my husband last night, you know if this is something where you draw the keys out and I pick the wrong key are you going to be upset and he goes, ‘Honey, if this is God’s will, that’s what’s going to happen.”
And he was right. Webb City Mayor Lynn Ragsdale got to make the big announcement, asking, “Is there someone here named Tammy?” 
Her husband Tony had nominated her, detailing the loss of their 11 year old son in the 2011 tornado. It prompted them to take in foster children and eventually adopt four of them, bringing the family to a total of nine children with a big need for reliable transportation. “And now I know I can get back and forth with my babies,” said Niederhelman.
This is the third year for RNR Tire Express to give away a car. President David Harrison wanted to do something in honor of his own deserving mom, and drew inspiration from time when he was able to give her a much newer, nicer car. He said, “Handed her the keys. She said, ‘What is this?’  I said, ‘This is your key.’ She said, ‘That’s not my key.’ I said, ‘Yes it is, come outside I want to show you something.’ So I walked outside and you know my mom, you would have thought I’d given her a million dollars.” 
The surprise announcement happened at the RNR Tire Express in Webb City Friday. She drove home in a 2019 Buick Encore.

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