Mold issue in Pittsburg Highlands housing development has residents concerned


PITTSBURG, Kan. – A mold issue in a newer Pittsburg housing development has some residents concerned for their health.

The Pittsburg Highlands were constructed just last year. Since Linda Gage and her daughter have moved into their respective homes, they have been dealing with mold. Both women say they have reached out to their property manager, housing residential management services, with the complaints. But they have been given only, what they feel are, short term remedies to fix the issue.

Now Linda and her daughter are considering moving from the Pittsburg Highlands because they feel like their health is on the line.

“It’s just kind of disheartening because, you know we’re looking forward to the nice brand new home and here it is, we’re having issues and like I said, it’s just disheartening and we have to look for a new house now because the mold is just going to continue to grow.”

Linda Gage, Resident

Linda says the property management company did provide them with a dehumidifier after their complaints.

In a statement responding to the mold issue from the property management company, they say,

“We recently learned of a mold issue in some of the homes and since that time we have been doing remedial work to redirect rain runoff from crawl spaces. We engaged an environmental consultant who tested the air quality levels in each home and we were happy to let the residents know last week that test results indicate indoor air quality levels are registering at or below outdoor levels.”

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