MODOT’s promotion for driving around commercial vehicles kicked-off today


JOPLIN, MO – Respect and sharing are two of the kay elements in an annual campaign by MODOT.

The “Respect the Load, Share the Road” promotion kicked-off today and runs for the next 3 weeks.

Officials want drivers to be careful as they share the road with semis and other large commercial vehicles.

They say you should never drive aggressively around them, try to stay out of their blind spots and be careful when passing them.

“Uh also when you’re passing a larger commercial vehicle, it’s important to pass them and be able to see both their head lights before navigating and maneuvering into that lane to pass them.” Says Kirsty Little, MODOT Traffic Studies Specialist.

Last year, 130 people dies in crashes involving commercial motor vehicles.

The vast majority of those killed were drivers in passenger vehicles.

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