MODOT works overnight to keep motorists safe


Crews have been working around the clock to ensure our roadways are safe and they will continue to work through the night.

“We’ve been pretty busy with winch outs,” says Bill Cottrill.

Tow truck companies have been working around the clock since snow first fell on Saturday night. 

“Yeah you go a couple of years without snow and people forget how to drive on this stuff and take my word for it, it takes a good snowing to get back into the swing of things,” says Bill Cottrill.

The snow has been hard on all vehicles, including those with four wheel drive.

“Our wheel drives, you wouldn’t believe the amount of four wheel drives I’ve pulled of of the ditch today,” says Bill Cottrill.

It’s also been a busy day for MODOT crews. While they were prepared for the snow, the sub-freezing temps aren’t helping.

“The unusual part is the cold temperatures are going to stay in for a couple days afterwards and that’s just unusual for this area,” says Bob Becker, one of many MODOT employees on the job.

They’ve worked all day today and will continue working through the night.

“We’ve got some slick spots out there and in addition to that any of our roads that we did get cleared off with the high winds tonight there’s going to be some drifting and when the drifting hits the roads it’s going to freeze back on the roads and cause some slick spots there,” says Bob Becker.

If you must travel and hit a slick spot, remain calm.

“Pump your brake pedal, that will help you come to a stop a whole lot quicker, if you apply the brake and start skidding, you’re just going to go wherever it goes,” says Bill Cottrill.

MODOT will continue to lay what’s called aggregate which is a mix of salt and some small rocks. It’ll give drivers some traction when they get on the roads in the morning. 

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