MODOT to have 300 pothole patching crews working across the state


MISSOURI — MODOT is also fixing those potholes.

Our recent Winter weather conditions did some damage to the pavement.

Extra crews will be going out to put some cold mix and extra materials in the potholes to fill them.

Then they’re go behind and fix them.

Last year MODOT fixed nearly 730,000 potholes statewide costing about $17 million.

Dave Taylor, Area Engineer, said, “As you come up to a pothole, if you do see one try to avoid it, slow down. If you do see water in a pothole, something like that, you know, it’s best to try to avoid it. Because you don’t know how deep it could be so you know it could do some damage. Just be aware if you can like I said slow down , don’t try to swerve into another lane of traffic.”

MODOT will have nearly 300 pothole patching crews across the state working to make roadways safer.

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