MoDOT runs snow plows on roads for winter operations drill


JOPLIN, Mo. — You may have noticed a few snow plows on the roads today, but don’t worry, wintry weather isn’t in the forecast.

MoDOT held its annual winter operations snow drill today. Workers actually hooked plows up to vehicles, got into vehicles, and ran routes just like they would if a snow storm was in the area.

MoDOT officials say they do this now, while the weather is good, because there are less hazards on the road. They say it also gives drivers the chance to practice, since they haven’t done this in about eight months.

Engineers say their biggest concern going into this winter is they may not have enough drivers to keep the roads clear.

“I think if we get a short duration storm, we’re going to be fine. But if we get a storm that requires us to, you know, put people in seats for multiple shifts or multiple days, we’re not going to be able to keep all the trucks on the road, and that’s the problem,” said Steve Campbell, MoDOT Engineer.

Steve Campbell adds the shortage of drivers is due to a combination of high turnover and the fact that they’re not getting as many applicants to fill those open positions.

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