MODOT prepares for another round of wintry weather


The Missouri Department of Transportation is preparing for another round of wintry weather that’s headed towards the Four States.

Today MODOT made sure that trucks were prepared for plowing and the blades on them were still in good condition. MODOT has 3,000 tons of salt ready to be used for the slick roads expected and crew members are keeping their eyes on the forecast tomorrow. For MODOT, getting ready for wintry weather is a part of their job.

“Were always planning for storms ahead of time. We’re always looking at forecasts in advance making sure that we have inventory of things that we need whether that could be salt, calcium chloride, whatever it may be we’re ready,” says Travis Wilfong, maintenance supervisor.

For more information on road conditions during wintry weather be sure to visit MODOT’s information travel map on their website. We’ve provided a link to that here.

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