MODOT hard at work to clear winter roads


The snowfall we got this morning leaves the Missouri Department of Transportation to make the roads as safe as they can.

When the snow began to touch down this morning, MODOT maintenance supervisor Travis Wilfong knew there was a lot of work to be done for himself and his crew. 

“We know we’re going to have to get out and get after it as soon as possible. We need to get out and get treatment for when the storm hits if possible and then we need to make sure the traveling public can get around before the morning rush hour,” says Travis Wilfong.
Wilfong actually prefers a day like today over a day that produces a lot of ice. 

“When it comes down to ice, it’s a little more difficult. We actually probably use more salt when it’s icy, especially when it ices and the snow covers on top of that,” says Travis Wilfong.

And their work for the day is far from over. 

“There’s a day shift and a night shift. So, when we come home at 7 o’clock we’re trying to get out there and put treatment down for the people going home and coming back to work,” says Travis Wilfong.

Crews will continue to keep a close eye on things. 

“The temperatures start to drop, I don’t know if it will drop a lot anymore. Keep the wind up, it’ll start to freeze dry. So, the roads will kind of dry out and maybe it won’t cause as many problems this evening,” says Travis Wilfong.

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