MODOT employees take part in statewide winter weather drill


As many of us know, practice makes perfect. And that’s why you might have seen snow plows on area roads today.

Right now, the only thing dropping from above are leaves, but this time of year that can change in a matter of hours. That’s why MODOT employees like Rich Morgan took part in the Missouri statewide winter weather drill as a dry run, so to speak, for when the weather turns wintery wet. The 12 year winter road warrior got behind the wheel to make sure everything is working, both outside the truck and inside.

“Backup camera so you can see out the back of your truck, this here’s your box that runs your sander, and this unit right here tells your settings for your sander,” says Rich Morgan, MODOT Maintenance Crew Leader.

And when the real stuff starts falling he knows there will be long days ahead.

“If you’re on days you work seven to seven and if you’re on nights you work seven at night to seven in the morning, learning where you’re turning around, where you’re route is, where you got to go, what other trucks are with you,” says Rich Morgan.

“And it’s better to do that today when the weather looks like it is now at 40, 50 degrees than it is a 20 degrees with the snow flying,” says Travis Wilfong, MODOT Maintenance Supervisor.

And in case you’re wondering, there’s still plenty for the employees to do even when it’s not snowing, sleeting or icing.

“We do delineation, work on signs, patch potholes, cut brush; we’re still mowing,” says Morgan.

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