MoDOT details plans for new Highway 171 roundabout


CARL JUNCTION, Mo.–A new roundabout is on its way to 171 just north of Carl Junction.

It’ll be at the intersection of 171, Route YY and and Route 96. Construction plans are to move the intersection just to the east of the railroad tracks.

After numerous wrecks, MoDOT is trying to help traffic flow better and reduce accidents in that area. Thursday, the department held a meeting–answering questions from the public on the plans.

“171 is also a high-speed road and trucks have trouble pulling out from YY and getting going, and we’ve had several severe accidents there as a result of that,” explained project manager Craig Switzer. “The idea of the roundabout is to handle traffic better and slow traffic down. We get more cars through the intersection when traffic is slowed down and when crashes do happen, they’re less severe in roundabouts.”

Construction on the project is slated to start in 2021. To view an animation created by MoDOT explaining the project details, click here.

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