MODOC Youth Day Camp


MIAMI, Okla.

One local Native American tribe is working to preserve its long standing history through it’s youth.

Today MODOC youth day camp “Hunting and Gathering Past and Present Traditions”was held.
Kids were taught the importance of rebuilding their culture that was lost, after the MODOC tribe was displaced from their original land in Oregon back in the 1870’s.
Currently there is no fluent speaker of the MODOC language.
So, tribal members are teaching the kids the basics of the language so they can have an identity as MODOCS.
Ultimately, staff say they hope this camp inspires them to teach generations to come.

“We have about 300 members on our roll which is very small in comparison to many of the other tribes. So that means every person has a very valuable stake in this. So we want them to have the commitment to their culture so we can continue it and it’s a slow process.” said Annette Clark, MODOC Tribe Director of Education

Clark adds next year staff would like to take the language and different practices learned to expand upon.
Also eventually the tribe has a goal to take the kids back to the tribe’s original homelands in Oregon.

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