The Stables Casino has been in Miami for 20 years and as time has passed representatives say it was time for a fresh look. The goal of these changes are in hopes of attracting a more diverse group of people.

The Stables Casino is revamping its facility as a part of a $90,000 project.

Recent renovations include making changes to the casino’s restaurant.

Robert burkybile, modoc nation representative “Shrunk it down in size, gave it a more exclusive feel, did some decor changes on the wall,” explained Robert Burkybile with Modoc Nation. “We’re going to change the name of the restaurant to “The Winners’ Circle” — we want that to kind of be a stand-alone entity.”

Future plans will include the addition of a glass walkway and creating a smoking and non-smoking side for everyone to be able to play, which means a lot to long-time visitor Lonnie Gilaman.

“Everybody deserves to come and play and have fun and a lot of people can’t because they can’t handle the smoke,” said Gilman.

One of the biggest achievements include adding back horse racing games, which they were previously known for. The games will be available at on-site kiosks at the facility.

“They used to have horse racing back when I was a kid but, they don’t do it anymore and boy, everybody always enjoyed it,” Gilman added.

“What will make it unique is no one else around here is doing it,” Burkybile explained. “I mean, there are nine tribes in the area, each with a casino — no horesracing. And for the long-time residents of this area, that’s what they know us as.”

Overall, Modoc Nation hopes their casino continues to make a difference.

“Mostly a lifetime resident of Miam,i I grew up here, I’m a member of this tribe, so anything to see investment in our city, in our community, and for our residents is big for me.”

In Phase Two of the project, casino officials will work to renovate their current bar, while building a second bar on the smoking side.

In addition, plans are underway to add a possible dance floor as well as several big screen tv’s for sports games.