MO U.S. Senator files bill to ban hidden financial tactics by video games


Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley has filed a bill that would ban certain tactics used by some video games to drive up revenue. He says that includes “pay to win” apps that are initially free, but later ask for money for upgrades.

“To get them to spend their parent’s money to keep playing the game, so they get more time and more money, the companies do. And this says, you can’t do that, if you’re going to charge for a game, you’ve got to charge up front. You can’t hide the fees and you can’t use techniques that purposely try to addict kids,” says Senator Hawley.

He points to games like candy crush which is initially free. Once in the app, players can spend up to $150 for upgrades. Hawley says candy crush earns $2 billion a year. 

To hear more about other bills Hawley is working on, click here.

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