MO Task Force 1 Ready to Deploy to Florida


Despite only being home from south texas for a few days, Missouri Task Force 1 is gearing up to respond to hurricane Irma.

Alicia Brown is one of the members of MO Task Force 1 that recently returned from nearly two weeks in southern Texas. Task Force 1 is one of twenty-eight urban search and rescue teams across the nation deployed in response to major disasters, like hurricanes. Brown says in one day alone they rescued 360 people and thirty-five pets from hurricane Harvey’s flooding. She says because of her experience being deployed to her home town following the Joplin tornado, she is better prepared to help those in other places.

“It’s easier for me to be more understanding to what the people are going through, and to what they’re going to be not just going through today, but what they’ll be going through in the future and recovery afterwards,” Brown says.

Seven members of MO Task Force 1 have already been deployed following Irma, including three in St. Augustine, FL, and one in Puerto Rico.

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