MO State Rep. Lane Roberts files bill to change how bench warrants are handled


Missouri State Representative Lane Roberts says a bill he’s filed would change how bench warrants are handled in the Show Me State.

Roberts says House Bill 900 is about making sure arrests aren’t made unnecessarily. He says current state statutes makes it a misdemeanor for an officer to not arrest someone who has a warrant out. Roberts says in some cases, though, that’s a miscarriage of justice. As an example, Roberts says if you get a ticket for an issue with a muffler on your car, and don’t pay it, you could then be arrested.

“This is not a good use of the officers time, it’s not criminal conduct, it’s responsibility conduct, it’s not a good use of our jail space, it’s not just, and this is, afterall, the criminal justice system,” says State Rep. Lane Roberts.

Roberts says the bill does include some exceptions. Officers would still be required to make an arrest in cases like driving with a revoked license or failing to drive in a careful and prudent manner. The bill has been assigned to the crime prevention and public safety committee. Roberts says he has high hopes of the bill moving forward in the next few weeks.

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