MO Rep. Ben Baker files bill that would allow schools to teach the Bible


State Representative Ben Baker files a bill that would allow school districts in Missouri to teach the Bible.

Baker says House Bill 267 is the first bill he’s filed as a state representative. He says if passed, it would allow school districts to teach the old and new testaments of the bible as an elective for students.

Baker says he’s currently working with other legislators to build support for the bill. He believes there’s a track record of success with similar laws in other states and that means the same thing could work in Missouri.

“The history of our country, a lot of it is tied to principles that are there, and so, from a historical perspective, and it would be something that is an elective that is an opt-in for students, so, and I think it’s some great legislation that hopefully we can see move through the process. There’s a lot of steps for that to get to where I’d like to see it,” says State Representative Ben Baker.

The bill is still waiting to be assigned to committee for work in the House. That would most likely need to happen before it would face a vote on the House floor. If it makes it through that process, it would then need to pass through the Senate before heading to Governor Mike Parson’s desk for his consideration.

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