MO remains only state without prescription drug monitoring program


Missouri remains the only state without a prescription drug monitoring system, but state lawmakers say there’s a chance that could change later this year.

State Representative Lane Roberts says it’s an item that needs to be addressed, due to the nation-wide opioid crisis. Roberts says while he isn’t opposed to looking at the issues, he says Missouri doesn’t necessarily need to follow the lead of other states in this matter.

Roberts believes any measures taken by the state legislature have to be right for Missouri, whatever form they may take. Prescription drug monitoring has passed through the House in years past, but failed to make it through the Senate.

Senator David Sater of Barry County says some of that resistance may gone now with a turnover of Senate membership. However, Sater says the a solution to the problem may already be in place.

“It’s a matter of privacy, and also I think as we’re looking at a lot of counties, in fact my county of Barry just recently OK’d to bring the St. Louis prescription drug monitoring program into Barry County, to have pharmacies do that, so, you know, it may be taking care of itself anyway,” says Senator David Sater.

Along with prescription drug monitoring, there’s also a chance the legislature could take up Right to Work again this session, after Missouri voters weighed in on the matter last fall.

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