Mo-Kan Dragway hosts annual Memorial Day Weekend Classic


ASBURY, Mo. — A local raceway holds its first event of the season after some covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Mo-Kan Dragway hosted the 54th annual Memorial Weekend Classic with 200 cars racing in the two day event.

Participants competed in the Big Money Bracket Race and a few feature cars made an appearance as well.

That includes Shelly Segal in the fire starter jet that ran 267 mpg in four seconds.

The event normally brings in large crowds, so staff made sure to accommodate the facility for social distancing.

Carl Blanton, Mo-Kan Dragway Owner, says, “We were scrambling just 10 days ago to get cars booked. In April, we thought for sure that this wasn’t going to happen. When the new order came out, the way it read, if we provide space in the the bleachers for social distancing and we’ve got the hand sanitizer. We took what we consider the proper steps and here we are. The people have responded, and we’re having a good time.”

One June 6, Mo-Kan will be holding an IHRA national event featuring the Summer Super Series and the Outlaw Fuel Altered.

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