MO hatcheries to release 300,000 catfish throughout state in upcoming weeks


There are four fish hatcheries across the state of Kansas trying to make sure lakes are fully stocked.
They grow all types of fish, from catfish, to walleye to bass.

In the upcoming weeks, 300,000 catfish will to be released throughout the state.
Half of those will come from the Milford Fish Hatchery near Junction City.

“We’re going to make a lot of fish runs, stop at a lot of places, drop off a lot of fish, and make a lot of people happy in the process,” explained hatchery manager Daric Schneidewind.

“We’ve got to bolster that population above what natural reproduction does, and so that like the channel catfish behind me–that’s what we’re doing,” added KDWPT biologist Ely Sprenkle. “The hatchery raises up channel catfish to a larger fish that we can stock up that’s close to where anglers can harvest them and catch them.

Catfish being released grow at the hatchery for nearly two years before getting a new home.

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