Missourians react to new robocall law


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) – The Missouri Attorney General’s Office received over 110 thousand complaints in 2019.

39% of those complaints were about robocalls.

Before the new year, President Trump signed what is called “the TRACED act.” This new law puts stricter punishments on telemarketers.

The TRACED act will make it easier for people to identify a robocall.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said telemarketers have gotten better with technology over the years, now congress is fighting back with its own technology.

He said many telemarketers have been able to fabricate what shows up as their caller i-d making a person more likely to answer the call.

In this new law, people on the no-call list will be notified about a suspicious number. The caller i-d will say “spam likely” or “scam likely.”

Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General said, “I would say we’re at a typical pace. But the traced act, you know is only a few days old, really. We’ll be watching it very carefully, but the traced act hopefully will help in that regard. But, we certainly encourage people, number one, to make sure they’re signed up for the no-call list. Because sometimes, you know, it’s an old number, maybe it was their landline when they first signed up, and they’ve got a new cell phone now. And when they get, you know, an unwanted call like that, reach out to our office. It certainly helps us build a case.”

Schmitt said his office is more likely to investigate a robocall if it sees a trend in calls and he encourages people to continue to contact his office with any complaint.

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