Missouri Winter Weather Awareness Day 2019, tips and facts


MISSOURI — November 20, 2019 is known as Winter Weather Awareness Day for the Show-Me State.

The day of awareness is a partnership between the National Weather Service, Missouri Department of Public Safety, State Emergency Management Agency, Department of Health and Senior Services, Missouri Highway Patrol, and the State Fire Marshal.

All agencies encourage people to use the day to review the winter weather safety plans to prepare for any upcoming snow, ice, and bitter cold temperatures.

For example, NWS Springfield explains the science behind winter:

NWS Springfield

Other tips and facts meteorologist at the NWS have recently posted on social media include:

Ice Storms: They can leave you in the dark. Power outages can last several days and ice can weigh down trees and power lines causing them to fall.

Wind Chill: When it is windy and cold outside, the wind moves heat away from our bodies, breaking up the insulation around us. Hypothermia sets in when our body temperatures drops 2 to 4 degrees.

A long list of information is available on the National Weather Service website.

Locally, our forecast shows mainly rain with a chance of flurries mixing in Friday. Otherwise, no winter weather is expected in the immediate forecast.

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