Missouri WIC Reference Sheet: Subsitutions, enrollment, and quantity shortages


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) office is giving local families one less thing to worry about when grocery shopping this season. Due to large crowds at stores along with the increasing difficulty of supermarkets to keep elligible products on their shelves long enough to meet demands, the Joplin WIC program will continue to adjust its policies to better fit the need of its consumers.

Food SubstitutionsEffective until at least 5/31/2020

  • Peanut Butter
    • Substitute for Jif, Skippy and Peter Pan so as long as containers are same size
  • Eggs
    • May instead buy dozen medium, extra-large, jumbo, or brown eggs if large eggs are unavailable
  • Milk
    • Purchase quarts and gallons of multiple varieties of milk to total the number of gallons on their checks (ex. — 4 half-gallons instead of 2 gallons)
  • Bread
    • May substitute for approved alternate brands of wheat bread if preferred WIC brand is unavailable
  • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Extending out to larger varieties of produces, more options for fruits and vegetables

Quantity Shortages

The Missouri WIC office is working on decreasing the maximum quantity on checks to allow for customers to purchase smaller quantities of food items from multiple retailers for up to the full amount of their food prescription.

Retailers MUST allow participants to purchase the full amount of items on their check, if available in the store, and should not be held to quantity limitations.

Participants may also inquire about the possibility of ordering formula from an authorized pharmacy for later pick-up within the same month if formula is not available in their immediate area.


The program is available to qualifying participants:

  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or whose pregnancy recently ended
  • Infants and children below the age of 5

Learn more by contacting the Joplin City WIC program at 417-623-1928 or by visiting wic.mo.gov.


The satellite location at Jasper County Health Department is closed at this time, but will reopen once this pandemic is over. Officials are working at the main site in Joplin, making phone appointments and other options as needed, due to local agency changes in operation.

Normal clinic operations that require employees, participants, and applicants to physically come into the clinic create an undesirable risk and there are mandatory clinic closures in some areas.

A waiver of physical presence removes a requirement that could prevent or impede the provision of essential WIC services to participants under current circumstances. This will be in effect through May 31, 2020, unless extended.

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