Missouri voters to decide two constitutional amendments in November


MISSOURI — The Presidential race is getting a lot of attention this fall – but Missouri voters will also decide a couple of constitutional amendments.

Gary Nodler, Retired State Sen, said, “If it hadn’t been for term limits the vacancy would never have been created that got me into the state senate to begin with so I was a beneficiary of term limits.”

But retired State Sen. Gary Nodler has mixed feelings about Missouri’s term limits.

“I agree that you don’t need people to be in office for 30 years. If I were choosing a term limit length it would be 12 years.”

Right now, Missouri term limits state senators and representatives as well as a couple of the statewide offices. A proposed constitutional amendment would extend the two term limit.

Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk, said, ” Currently the governor and the treasurer are the only ones who have two four year term limits and amendment 1 would extend that to all statewide candidates.”

Missouri voters will also decide proposed Amendment 3 – which would ban all gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers, reduce the maximum amount allowed for a campaign contribution, and change the process for political redistricting.

“It would allow the Governor whether Republican or Democrat Governor, to choose a bipartisan commission, a group of people to make that decision rather than one person.”

Both questions are on the November 3rd ballot.

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