Missouri town divided by move to change its ‘Savages’ mascot


Savannah Savages mascot. (Source: Savannah Athletics website.)

SAVANNAH, Mo. (AP) — A northwest Missouri town is debating whether to change its high school’s “Savages” mascot name.

The debate has split Savannah.

The nearly all-white town has about 5,000 residents and is an hour north of Kansas City. “Savages” has been the mascot since at least 1926 and is emblazoned across the town. Racial inequality protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis prompted people to start a petition to change the mascot.

That’s led to a counter-petition to keep it.

A large crowd nearly evenly split on the issue attended a Savannah school board meeting in July.  It’s unclear if the board will take action.

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