Missouri: Top Ten most dangerous states to ride a motorcycle



Missouri is in the top ten for the most dangerous states to ride a motorcycle, according to a survey.

Quote Wizard created the list based on a state’s rate of fatality accidents per registered motorcycles for the year 2017.

Missouri is actually one of a few states that does not require a safety course in order to get a license.

Dan Haskins is a 16 year veteran of the Joplin Police Department and is an expert when it comes to motorcycle safety. He teaches riding safety classes at Hideout Harley-Davidson in Joplin.

“One of the things we talk about is having that mental strategy to be able to deal with those unknowns, because just like driving your car, everything you deal with those crazy situations that happen in your car, you’re gonna have to be able to deal with on your motorcycle and we properly talk about to deal with those and mitigate those risks to the best of your abilities and to avoid those those traps.”

Dan Haskins, Hideout Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Manager

Most dangerous states to ride a motorcycle

Ranking the four-states:
  • Missouri: 9th
  • Arkansas: 13th
  • Oklahoma: 17th
  • Kansas: 24th

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