Missouri tobacco bill doesn’t make it through the Senate


MISSOURI — A measure to formally change the age at which someone can sell tobacco products to a customer will not make it through the Missouri general assembly this year.

Senate Bill 283 would have formally made it illegal to sell those products to anyone under the age of 18.

But a number of not-for-profit organizations think the intent of the measure was to do just the opposite.

Among them is the Alliance of Southwest Missouri.

Jen Black, Executive Director, Alliance of Southwest Missouri:
“And we do a lot of compliance checks with our local police departments to make sure retailers aren’t selling to minors and so this would take away our ability to do that, so if a retailer so if a retailer wanted to sell to a 16 year old they could and there’s absolutely nothing we could do to restrict that.”

The measure did not make it through the session – which ended today. Most retailers in Missouri already refuse to sell to anyone under 21.

Jen Black is concerned, lawmakers may try to re-introduce a measure like 283 again next year.

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