Missouri Southern students earn high awards


JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri Southern State University recently announced students named as recipients of the Glenn Dolence Leadership Awards.

More than thirty students were nominated for the award in honor of Dr. Glenn Dolence, who was the former Vice President for Student Services at Missouri Southern and retired in 1996.

The awards are presented to graduating seniors and are recognized for leadership and making different areas of campus better.

Luz Galindo, a former soccer player at Southern, was a recipient of the award and she said she aimed to be an all around student, not just focused on athletics.

Luz Galindo, Dolence Leadership Award Recipient, says, “I came in from Arizona not knowing the Midwest and was like, ‘Oh, what am I going to do here?’ I’m just going to play soccer and that’s about it. But the fact that I was able to show others that I can go out and do special Olympics, I can go out and do miracle minutes that we did for the first time in ten years. So, it means a lot that I’m actually getting recognized for the little things that I do even though they’re on my own time, and [these are] things that I take to heart. So, it’s really cool getting known, that a lot of people believe in me when I didn’t believe I could do things here.”

Baxter Springs native Sarah Schultz was the recipient of the annual Leader of the Year Award.

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