Missouri Senate Bill would automatically give job interviews for state jobs to qualified veterans


MISSOURI (KODE) — There’s a new bill that could help veterans, now awaiting Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s consideration.

Missouri House Representative Bob Bromley says that Senate Bill 120 is a big opportunity for veterans.

That’s because this bill will allow military veterans to automatically receive job interviews.

“We felt like what this would do is it at least helps the veterans to get the foot in the door. A lot of times these veterans they’ve just recently been discharged from service and they may not have many connections, and this at least gives them an opportunity,” said Bromley.

“A lot of these guys are qualified and sometimes it’s just getting in the door and being able to talk to somebody, and say ‘Hey, look! I’m qualified.’ Because they’re subject manner experts on being able to give an interview,” said veteran Jimmy Burgess.

If you’re a veteran, and you find out there’s a state job opening in Missouri, you are automatically guaranteed an interview if you’re qualified.

Burgess thinks this bill could give veterans that push they need.

“They decide they can take more risks on trying to go after those jobs where most of the time they feel like they won’t hear back from. Which I’ve noticed over and over again from a lot of veterans that come and talk to us at Brotherhood Warriors. You know they come in wondering why they’re not getting in the door,” said Burgess.

Representative Bromley adds, with the amount of veterans in Missouri, it’s the least lawmakers could do.

“Missouri has a high percentage of veterans. I think it’s around eight percent. And we just always work to make everything as good as we can for veterans in Missouri, and we should honor them, and honor their service and that’s what we’re trying to do in the legislature,” said Bromley.

Bromley adds that this bill was originated in the Senate by Senator Bill White.

The bill is currently waiting on Governor Parson’s signature.

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