LAMAR, Mo. — Missouri Representatives were in Lamar this afternoon to remember babies lost to abortion.

Today was the 2022 Memorial Rally for Life at First Baptist Church in Lamar.

The Barton County Right to Life and Lamar Ministerial Alliance hosted the event for the anniversary of Roe V. Wade.

State Representative Ann Kelley, State Senator Rick Brattin, and the Missouri Right to Life President Steve Rupp spoke during Sunday’s event.

According to the Missouri Right to Life 65,000,000 children were killed during the past 49 years abortion was legalized.

“We have gone from a high of over 21,000 abortions in one year to 167 abortions last year. So we are getting very close to being abortion free, but that’s just in Missouri. We want to win the hearts of everybody in this country to the the sanctity of life. The numbers are trending down and they’re trending down a lot of it is because of our work and ultrasounds,” said Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life.

“Life is precious and its to be protected. It’s an intrinsic right that we all have and its inherent for us to do so and protect that,” said Rick Brattin, State Senator for the 31st district.

Those in attendance donated items to the nonprofit Katie’s House which is being built.

The pregnancy and family resource center will help expectant mothers by offering classes, mentoring, workshops and ultrasounds.