Missouri ranks third in job recovery during pandemic


JOPLIN, Mo. — According to the results of a new survey, one of the Four States is making an impressive recovery when it comes to unemployment figures.

According to the website Wallethub, only two other states have had a quicker rebound when it comes to job recovery during the pandemic than Missouri. The study looked at three metrics involving changes in unemployment claims. Joplin Area Chamber Of Commerce President and C.E.O. Toby Teeter says there’s a reason for that, and it’s called economic diversification, but he says it’s not just at the state level.

Toby Teeter, Joplin Chamber of Commerce President & C.E.O., said, “So Joplin has a very diverse economy as well, anchored by advanced manufacturing, food and pet food processing, these staples are really resilient in recessions.”

What that means is during economic down turns, positions in the Joplin area are less likely to be cut in the first place. And the study shows that if they are cut, those jobs are brought back at a faster pace than in other states. But Teeter says, according to the latest figures from the federal government, no other state has come back faster from job loss.

“Not only is Missouri leading the nation in unemployment figures, but Joplin is actually leading the state again, we are outperforming the state in unemployment figures.”

So how do neighboring states stack up against Missouri? The Wallethub survey shows Kansas is dead last in that category, with Oklahoma and Arkansas coming in at 14th and 30th respectively. To see the entire report and rankings, follow the link below.


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