COLUMBIA, Mo. – The United States Postal Service will consider moving some mail operations from mid-Missouri to St. Louis as part of a long-term plan for modernization.

USPS is currently conducting a mail processing facility review of processing operations at its Columbia Processing and Distribution Center. Leaders are considering a change that would modernize the facility as a local processing center.

According to a news release from USPS, “The Columbia LPC will be a critical node in connecting mail to the state and region. Additionally, the business case supports transferring some mail processing operations to the St Louis [Processing and Distribution Center].”

USPS did not further elaborate on what this would mean for St. Louis operations, but the news release notes the change is being considered to help the agency “modernize the nation’s aging and outmoded postal network and achieve the organization’s goal of 95% on-time delivery nationwide.”

Postal service officials plan to share the results of an impact study in Columbia on Nov. 16 at the Cedar Creek Resort & RV Park.

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